Best SEO Company in the US – Review 2020

The Best SEO Company in the US will be the one which meets all the buyers’ criteria and plan a strategy that helps the clients achieve their business goals quickly.

Best SEO Company in the US
Best SEO Company in the US

Our exclusive list of the top SEO company in the US will help you shorten your search and save time finding the best company for you. We suggest that you contact each of these companies individually and as a quotation first.

Once you have sample quotations from all the service providers then you can compare their offerings and make your strategy on further assistance.

Exclusive List of 10+ Best SEO Company in the US

If you are looking for the Best SEO company in US, then we have made an exclusive list for you that will help you quicken the shortlisting process and gain more benefits for your business goals.

1. WebFX Digital Marketing Agency

Any business who wish to gain more leads, customer calls and more transactions must get in touch with WebFX Digital Marketing Agency. They have been in this industry for years with some phenomenal numbers to prove their worth.

  • They have generated around $12 million worth of transactions for clients.
  • They have a record of producing $3 billion in revenue from customers.
  • They have a database of more than 6 million leads.
  • They have produced around 4 million customer query calls for clients.

They offer digital marketing plans ranging from SEO to SEM at optimum prices and help you gain success online.

Address1705 North Front, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17102 (US)
Phone Number844-856-2428
Rates$100 – $149/hr.
No. of Employees250 – 999

2. HigherVisibility Digital Marketing Agency 

HigherVisibility is one of the Best SEO company in US that will help you get your SEO done right and has proficiency in additional services like PPC Ads, SMM, SEO Auditing and Link Building services. Below are their key highlights;

  • Laser Targeted Ads and Re-targeting Specialist
  • Regular updates and reports regarding your ongoing campaigns.
  • Excellent customer service and live chat features.
  • They have a proven record of increasing the conversion to upto 200%.
  • They will increase organic traffic from 40 to 70%.

Regardless of your niches, just contact the agency and deliver your prerequisites and they will help you achieve your business goals with an apt strategy.

Address8000 Centerview Parkway Suite 203, Memphis, TN 38018
Phone Number888-212-4458
Rates$100 – $200/hr.
No. of Employees200 – 500

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3. Mayple Agency

This online SEO company in US is known for its benchmarking results and high standards while working with the clients. They help you easily connect with the best performing experts and you can get the deal done quickly.

  • Past results help clients choose better agents.
  • Helps business achieve their goals by matching the right talent.
  • Assured great results for your online campaigns.
  • Prices are extremely affordable even for small businesses.
  • 30-days money-back guarantee speaks about their experience in the industry.

The Digital marketing agency has on-boarded most proficient vetted experts that help you deliver the ideal marketing results. Their platform is extremely user friendly and you can also use their live chat feature to know more.

Address15 Bishopsgate, London, London EC2M 3WA, UK
Phone Number+442080896100
Rates$25 – $49/hr.
No. of Employees5 – 50

4. Distilled Online Marketing Agency

If you wish to incorporate a fully active digital agency that fulfils all the online criteria like doing PR for your business, creating content and complete technical SEO setup, then Distilled Online Marketing Agency would be an apt option for you.

  • A/B SEO testing helps to decide the apt strategy for your business.
  • Data-driven results for clients to gain online success.
  • Content writing service will further boost your already existing SEO efforts.
  • Increased conversion by upto 200% observed by many clients.

They help every business identify which SEO efforts have enabled their success online by doing A/B testing and then develop an Optimization Delivery Network (ODN) for applying the new changes.

Address51 East cheap, London, EC3M 1JP
Phone Number206-965-9265     
Rates$100 – $500/hr.
No. of Employees20 – 500

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5. SmartSites Web Agency

SmartSites Web Agency is a well-known brand in the digital world for their top-notch website design operation and giving additional services like SEO, SMM and PPC ads.

  • Enhance the business ROI with certified PPC advertising campaign managers.
  • Assured 200% increase in organic traffic within 6 months of consistent SEO efforts by the agency.
  • Experience with more than 700+ websites and all successful.
  • Data are driven results backed with consistent efforts from the company.
  • They have generated over $100 million of client revenue till now.

Their consistent results and hard efforts have made them one of the fastest-growing SEO company in US.

AddressUnited States
Phone Number206-965-9265     
Rates$100 – $149/hr.
No. of Employees20 – 250


The Best SEO Company in US for your business would be the one that attracts quality leads, optimizes the ad spent and establishes your online presence by giving you a competitive edge over others.

To ensure that you gain most out of the online SEO efforts keep a close track on the reports sent by the SEO agency. Factors like immediate rankings and selecting irrelevant keyword selections all come under black hat SEO and must be avoided under all circumstances. 

People Also Ask (FAQs)

1. How to hire the best SEO company in US?

To select the best SEO company for your digital goals you must ensure that they implement only white SEO practices. They must regularly report the ROI based on the amount spent on digital efforts. Agencies must be clear with your goals and completely transparent with their results.

2. What are the factors you must confirm before hiring an SEO specialist?

Before hiring any SEO product or service, keep a background check on the company specialties’ and offerings. To achieve this closely monitor the agency website, give a thorough reading to the testimonials and case studies published with them and share your goals and expectations with them. This will enable a transparent interaction between both parties.

3. Is hiring an SEO agency a good option?

SEO can be a difficult game when it comes to the technical side of it and therefore hiring an SEO specialist or agency can make this job much easy for you. This way you could focus more on the business side and let the agency handle the technical complicated stuff.


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