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20+ Best Sites Like ProjectFreeTV Alternative to watch Free TV Shows

ProjectFreeTV Alternative

ProjectFreeTV Alternative is a lot of applications and online platforms are present where you can binge-watch the latest movies and popular TV shows using a stable internet connection and a device that is capable of playing HD videos and images.

ProjectFreeTV Alternative

The ProjectFreeTV Alternative is searched by millions of people all around the world for binge-watching their favorite movies and TV shows without paying even a single penny and not involving in any illegal activities.

In this particular article, we will be throwing some light on some of the best alternatives that you can use instead of the ProjectFreeTV platform and we’ll also discuss the fact why this particular platform is considered illegal by the people.

What is ProjectFreeTV?

ProjectFreeTV, which is also famous by the name of PFTV is one of the leaders and most popular online video streaming platform which is helping the viewers to watch the latest TV shows and movies using a stable internet connection and even allowing them to download and save the file offline so that they can easily watch it later when the internet connection is not available.


It is considered to be one of the oldest video streaming websites present on the internet where a large number of movies and TV shows can be found without any problem.

But in recent times this particular platform has faced a lot of issues related to copyright infringement and other legal suites as this particular platform do not take any responsibility related to third-party hosting websites like YouTube, Vimeo, and many other such websites.

Also, there are hundreds of petition that have been submitted by the copyright holders for blocking the services which are provided by this particular platform and the website has been blocked in the region of the United Kingdom since November 2013.

20+ Best Site Like ProjectFreeTV Alternatives to Watch Online Movies

Given below is the list of latest alternatives for ProjectFreeTV which can be used to watch online movies and TV shows free of cost using a stable internet connection and a streaming device:

S No.Platform Name
1TV Duck
3Couch Tuner
6F Movies
14The Watch Series TV
17Tv Player

Best ProjectFreeTV Alternative

A lot of alternatives for ProjectFreeTV for watching the latest released movies and popular TV shows are available on the internet. These are listed below in great detail so the users canchoose wisely from the same:

1. TV player


TV player

The idea of watching live television using your smartphone or personal computer is very common now a day. This particular application comes in two versions which are paid and free.

The free version will offer you more than 75 channels which are streamed worldwide which you can easily binge watch and enjoy with your friends and family members.

The paid version will charge you around 6 euros where you will get 30 additional channels which will include MTV,lifetime, history, and Eurosport.

This platform can be easily used for watching the latest released movies and TV shows by the people and is considered to be a good replacement for the project free TV platform.

2. KissAsian



ProjectFreeTV Alternative KissAsian

KissAsian is a wonderful platform that can be used to watch the latest released TV shows and movies. It is considered to be the hub for watching the Korean drama and is always recommended for the people who like watching Asian cinemas.

The interface provided by this application is pretty simple and you will not face any kind of copyright issues as all the items that are provided on this platform are completely legal when compared with the ProjectFreeTV application.

3. YouTube


YouTube is the world’s biggest movie and television serial streaming platform which is completely free of cost for all the users and has the biggest user base when compared with other online streaming platforms.

It is very simple to use as even the children who are 10 years of age can use it for educational purposes and watching kids animated cartoons. This particular platform also provides all the content that is approved by the third party and you will not face any kind of legal problem when you are watching free content on this platform.

4. Retrovision



Retrovision is a platform for all the people who are retro lovers and like classic movies. This platform offers free online movies from which you can choose and enjoy with your friends and family members without even paying a single penny from your pocket.

The content that is provided by this application is copyright protected content which will not cause any future problems related to copyright infringement or other legal issues.

5. Popcornflix



The Popcornflix is an application that will satisfy your movie and TV watching needs and will act as a perfect replacement for the ProjectFreeTV application.

It promises to deliver tons of movies which are only a few clicks away from the user because of the simple interface and free of cost watching. The revenues are generated by this particular platform in the form of advertisements which sometimes result to be cumbersome.

Final Verdict

ProjectFreeTV is a wonderful platform that is capable of providing the latest movies and TV shows to all the people around the world but has been the target of scrutiny because of the copyright infringement and illegal content that it provides.

So in this wonderful article, we have tried to cover the best ProjectFreeTV Alternative platform along with their specification and details.

We have also covered a list of 20 other platforms that you can use instead of watching illegal content on project free TV so that you are safe and sound every time you watch movies and TV shows.

Feel free to mention your queries in the comments section given below in this article.


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20+ Best Sites Like ProjectFreeTV Alternative to watch Free TV Shows



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